Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Just a Heads Up

There are a lot of truths about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Yes, this sale can be overwhelming. And, Yes, the offerings look kind of the same as last year (and the year before). Yep, the Cleveland store has limited selections (as do most secondary markets). Also yes, things look different in person and on than they do in a catalog or on a screen.

The TWC mission is to take the stress out of getting dressed. So we hauled our tushies over to Nordies and did a HUGE try on session for you guys. We’ll do 3 posts in the next few days where we’ll share our favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks and our assessments about fit, fabric etc.

We’re posting our try-on session over on Instagram Stories also – be sure to take a look.

Availability is Already Low – ugh!

I feel terrible saying this, but our local store is already low on sizes after day ONE of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! That is such a bummer.On line still has selection so, we’re including direct links for all of the pieces we are reviewing and recommending – it may make sense to just shop on line and save yourself the trip. Hopefully, returns will happen and maybe (fingers crossed) restocks too.

I’ll be the one to start, and then in the next few days you’ll hear from Elana and Paris (our super cool intern from The Kent State University fashion program) with their picks and product feedback too. We each have different bodies, coloring and life roles  so hopefully we can each bring a different perspective to the try-on sesh.

Please take note:

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The pennies come out of the retailers ad budget, but they do help us keep The Wardrobe Consultant blog going strong. Just wanted to make sure I mentioned that – sometimes the whole link thing can be confusing. I wanted to be honest and also let you know that if you’re going to buy anyway, your clicks really can and do help.

Shoes Glorious Shoes

This category is where you can find some great values at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Great brands, classic styles, deeply discounted.

Click on the photo for direct link and the arrow to see ALL 5 SHOES picks.


Tops, Lot’s of Tops

I recommend having a 3:1 ratio of tops to bottoms in your wardrobe. Because tops are the more memorable item. Chances of someone remembering the black pant or exact jean you has on last week (or yesterday in my case) is slim to none.


Click on the photo for direct link and the arrow to see ALL 7 TOPS picks.

Jackets And Coats to Top it Off

Honestly, I was underwhelmed with the outerwear selection at my local Nordstrom. Usually, it’s a great category for this sale and a good way to score a winter coat at a good price. The pieces I saw this year felt cheap to the touch – so I’m only highlighting one that looked great online but I have not seen in person. The blazer game however was strong with great finds at all different price points.

Click on the photo for direct link and the arrow to see ALL 8 Jacket picks.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts

I am a total cardigan girl. I love everything about a cardi. AND do not feel like they are old lady or dowdy at all. So, obviously, my picks are very cardigan centric.

Click on the photo for direct link and the arrow to see ALL 7 Sweater picks.

Bottoms Up – Pants and Jeans

Yes, my bottoms picks are mostly jeans and black pants. With one statement pant thrown in for good measure.  That’s what fits my life. Different job, might need different clothes.

Click on the photo for direct link and the arrow to see ALL 8 Pants picks.

Dresses for Days and Nights

When I’m not wearing jeans I’m usually in a dress. I like to look for pieces I can wear now with sandals and in to the winter with boots.

Click on the photo for direct link and the arrow to see ALL 7 Dress picks.


Let us know if there are other categories you want us to cover. Suits? Accessories? Bags? Leave it in the comments and we’ll get on it. Happy Friday you guys!





Hallie’s outfit details: Jacket // Top // Jeans (pictured are the petite – too short for me. I got the 26 reg)// Booties

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