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This post originally ran a few years ago and I’m on a girl’s trip this week so I thought it was a perfect time to update it and run it again…It has been one of the most popular, probably because it’s chock full of super useful info, especially for our CLE peeps – Cleveland spots we swear by to keep you and your “things” looking good. Literally like once a week someone calls or texts asking about a cleaner, bra shop, microblade artist… you get the gist.  So, we’re running it again and rounding up a few more reccos too…

Here are the spots we swear by in the #216…



Hillcrest Cleaners – 4263 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44121 (on the corner of Mayfield and Belvoir) (216) 381-7181

Cleveland peoples rejoice! The TWC team and our clients swear by Hillcrest cleaners!! I’m a totally messy eater! I love salads and I love silk tops and silk dresses, and I’m a messy eater. This is NOT a good combination. The good folks at Hillcrest help take care of that. They recently got balsamic salad dressing splatter out of my new burgundy silk dress – yes, we LOVE them!!!! They are THE cleaner to trust with finer pieces – the location is not convenient at all, but it’s totally worth the trip.

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Charles Shoe Repair – 5823 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44124 (440) 684-0743

Gladis and the gang at Charles (make sure you go to the one on Mayfield not the one in Solon) know their footwear and they can perform miracles. Got a pair of Loubies that are too tall and you wobble? No prob, they’ll take down the heel for you (you’d be surprised the difference even a 1/4 inch makes). They’ll even put a grip type seal on the bottom to help you walk, rather than teeter (and if they’re Loubies, they’ll even make it red!!!) My personal pet peeve, is when shoes come back from the cobbler and look TOO new – kind of like with plastic surgery – you want them to look refreshed but not “done” and that’s what Charles delivers. CLE shoe maintenance at its best.Gold Bar

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Next to Me – 8920 Mentor Ave # E, Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 974-0900

Next to Me is a store “every woman should know about” – they specialize in bras and fitting them properly. So, if Victoria’s Secret isn’t for you and you don’t like getting fit for a bra by the person that was in the shoe department last week and this week is the bra specialist, then this is the place for you! We haven’t gone to Next to Me personally, but we’ve sent quite a few clients there, especially ladies with larger busts, and the feedback has been stellar!Gold Bar

Placeholder Image 104. Microblading

Allison Seltzer –Dino Palmieri Salon and Spa  (216)765-1400

Allison is the bomb!! And my brows are forever grateful. No Groucho Marks brows, just no need for filling in on a daily basis. And as someone who was basically born without a tail on my brow, I’m thrilled to now have one! I wrote a whole post on my micro blading experience here if you want the full details.

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5. Haircut and Color

Nick Lanser -Studio MZ 27629 Chagrin Blvd, 216-464-3910

If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know this. Nick Lanser is my ride or dye, my mane squeeze, my hair guru. I used to be a salon slut – going to one salon for a cut and one for color (and still a third for nails).  It saves a ton of time, and sanity having all of my services in one spot – and my hair looks fabulous too. On top of that, Nick is the nicest guy ever and a total hoot.

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6. Wardrobe Styling/Consulting

The Wardrobe or  216-409-4741

Let me toot my own horn for a second. It feels weird to do so, but sometimes you’ve got to shamelessly self promote…  We’ve been told time and again by clients that team TWC is their secret weapon for taking the stress out of getting dressed each day. Kind of like an interior decorator for your wardrobe – we help make sure you look good in what you’re wearing. AND, we give honest advice – we don’t work on commission, we work for you – our only incentive is to make you look and feel fantastic! Check out our full range of services here.

Well, we had a new client a few weeks ago and, we always try and shop a client’s closet BEFORE we ever hit a store – and this is why!! While going through her closet we found a very, very short dress. The color, pattern, and condition of the dress were great – it was just super-duper short. So, we decided to give it a new life. With our vision, and some alteration, we had the dress turned into a cami. Which, btw, is very “in” right now

Oh, and we also changed up the jeans with some creative cutting to give them an updated look. Basically, we created a whole new outfit out of something she already had. How’s that for turning something old, into something new? TOOT, TOOT! Check out  Instagram for snippets from client sessions.

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So, our friends in “The Land” do you have any Perfectly Cleveland spots you swear by? If so, PLEASE share in the comments – we all really want to know…

We’re so thankful that you guys keep showing up each week – really THANK YOU!! We’re also trying really (really, really) hard to build momentum and readership, and that honestly happens by friends telling friends – so, thank you also for helping spread the word!

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  1. Rita’s spa in Solon on Aurora Rd. Give it a try, esp for eyebrow threading, LED light facial. I’m impressed!

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