Red and Yellow, yep it works!

Recently, I have been totally drawn to outfits that combine red and yellow together. Individually each of these colors can make an outfit feel up to date. However, when they’re combined, in the right way, it’s like putting MSG on your outfit. The color combo just makes everything explode, in the best way.

Honestly, if you asked me 2 years ago about putting red and yellow together in an outfit I’d have told you it reminded me of McDonald’s golden arches, and probably warned you to stay away from it. But now, it feels eye-catching, modern and oh so right.

Here are some rules to help you mix this color combo even more effortlessly.

Rules for Wearing Red and Yellow.

  1. Firstly, make sure there is another grounding color to tone down the red and yellowishness. Denim, both dark and light wash look great.
  2. The yellow should be more of a French’s mustard yellow than traditional mustard which had more brown undertones.
  3. When the red and yellow have the same color saturation values, they play nicely together – meaning,  a pastel yellow looks better with a pink than a bold red.
  4. Lastly, if yellow (or red) is not your “color”  try wearing it as a shoe, belt or other accessories, something that’s not next to your face. You’ll get the impact of the color without looking washed out.

Red and Yellow Outfit Ideas

So, I thought it might be fun to show you a few ways to incorporate red and yellow into your everyday outfits.








Mix those colors!

Longtime TWC readers might remember when we talked about adding yellow to your wardrobe last spring. Did you heed our advice? Then all you have to do is add some red to update this season. If you didn’t,  I’ve got you covered…I’ve rounded up some of my favorite, stand-alone red and yellow pieces for you. You can wear them as is, or mix and match for some added fun!

RED to love


YELLOW to love, too

One more thing, Elana is out for a few weeks taking a fab family trip (jealous!!) So you just get to hear from me for a bit, apologies in advance!!


Photo: Molly Nook

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