Rubber Sandals are So on Trend.

It might sound like a joke, but rubber sandals are completely en vogue right now. And not just for the beach and pool. They’re very on-trend and in high demand. And these rubber sandals have gotten a huge upgrade from the jellies of yesteryear. From Gucci to Target, they’re everywhere, and surprisingly fashionable, versatile, stylish, and utilitarian to boot!

These sandals give off an updated 90’s vibe, which is current in all segments of fashion right now. It’s almost as if your OG Steve Madden black platform sandal and your Candies sandal had a baby and then that child mated with your fun jellies – that family tree is what produced the rubber sandals of 2021.

About 5 years ago I fell in love with the rubber Birkenstock sandals. They’re made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). A material that’s super lightweight with some cushion, making them extremely comfortable and waterproof. Truth be told, when I first purchased mine, I wasn’t sure if I looked like Fred Flinstone with really wide, flat feet. But since they were uber comfy and perfect for camp visiting day, summer soccer tournaments, and visits to the pool or beach, I decided to keep them.

All The Feels.

Not only were they easy to wear but everywhere I went people asked about them and where to buy their own. Since Birkenstock debuted them in 2015 they’ve grown in popularity and have spawned a whole new resurgence in rubber sandals. No longer are they just for grandmas wearing housecoats  – all the “it girls” are wearing them too!

Couple that with the fact that when made out of rubber, the costs come waaaay down. Allowing a Birkenstock, typically sold for $100-$150 to now be available for $45.

Quick Rubber Sandals Styling Tips:

  1. Wear rubber sandals as you would their non-rubber counterparts.
  2. A heeled version of a rubber sandal ups the dressy factor.
  3. They look great with day dresses or shorts or coverups.
  4. It’s the perfect in-between shoe. Because they’re rubber, they’re a smidge dressed down from a typical heeled sandal. But not so casual. They can help you walk the line, literally!
  5. The see-thru PVC type are great for elongating your leg.
  6. Every review of every pair claims they’re DANCE. ALL. NIGHT. comfy.

My 10 Favorite Rubber Sandals.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a moderate-priced shoe to make things feel fresh and new. AND if your feet are not quite ready to step into a full-fledged real shoe (after a year + of slippers) These are the shoes to try!

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