All You See Is The Winter Coats

Winter has definitely arrived. And with it the need for a stylish winter coat. In some ways, I feel like it almost doesn’t matter what you wear for your outfit,  because 90% of the time when we see people we are wearing our coats. Like on the bus or at the grocery or at the mall – your coat is on.

This past weekend I was in NYC with my daughter, Maggie, binge-watching broadway shows. And while posting photos on my Instagram stories I realized ALL of the photos looked the same – because it was freezing out and we were in our winter coats. THE. WHOLE. TIME.

As carefully as we packed, it didn’t even matter. The outfits barely saw the light of day! Because in every picture, it was all about the winter coats and boots!!

The Leather Puffer: Fashion & Function

That red puffer coat Maggie is wearing in the photo above is mine from a few years ago. As I reminded her a zillion times, she’s only borrowing it – because she needed a warm coat that covered her tush. It got a lot of love on IG from all of you (thank you). And frankly a ton of love from every store and restaurant we walked in to as well. Maybe because it’s red and happily stood out amongst a sea of black jackets… And maybe it’s because leather puffer jackets are a cool way to stay warm and stylish.

It’s no good to look fab but freeze your a** off, right?? So your winter coat needs to keep you warm, first and foremost. And then it’s second most important job is to look good. Leather puffers happily do both!

Leather Puffers

Both real leather and faux (or vegan) give that edge and style to your winter coats… I could not find a red one to save my life. But these are all super cool.

Red Puffers

If you’re really into the idea of a red coat, these are not leather but super fun.

BTW, this is the perfect time of year to treat yourself to a new coat. Many are on sale (because retailers figure the winter is half over and they’re thinking about spring already). But we are knee-deep (literally) in the winter doldrums and the pick me up of a new winter coat could definitely be considered self-care. Just sayin’

Oh, and in case you missed it… all of my NYC favorites (food/shows/shopping) are saved in my Instagram NYC highlight.

Stay warm!!

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