The Best Under $100 Finds Nordstrom Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale’s Best UNDER $100 Finds

Every year there’s a whole bunch of pomp and circumstance surrounding the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. BIG yellow signs, customer excitement,  early access dates, and special buys for the upcoming season. In some ways, I think it has usurped the role of the big, fat, Vogue September issue as the official marker of Autumn fashion.

While I’ve felt slightly skeptical about this sale in past years, in 2020 I’m finding it’s arrival quite familiar and comforting. Perhaps it’s that many of the items included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are perennial favorites brought back year after year. Or that I know I can stock up on my most worn shoes, pj’s, sweats, makeup, and more at the best prices of the year. So many of my best finds are under $100, even under $50 – The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has some treasures.

A little Survey on Instagram

I wasn’t sure if it was just me feeling conflicted about the NSale. With the state of the world, the economy, and my lack of going out, I really haven’t been shopping, like at all! But there is something special about shopping for fall. And even if it’s something  like a new bra or pair of pajamas, my dopamine receptors get fired up when I hit add to cart!!

The bottom line is, truly, none of us know where we are going (is school even starting?) Events, luncheons, parties, business conferences, vacations, sporting events… they’re all sort of on hold right now, so knowing what we need to get dressed for is a complete crapshoot. 

But 55% of you said you’re still planning to shop. And 92% are planning to shop online this year. So, I am here to HELP!! I’ve scoured the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, top to bottom. And, the good news is that even with major disruptions in the production chain, Nordies has come thru with stellar products at even better prices. So I’m focusing on under $100 finds from the Nordstrom Sale because it stinks to spend a lot, especially if you don’t know when or where you’ll wear it.

Things Are Selling Out, but Don’t Worry

As of the time I hit publish, all these items were available. But, the good stuff sells fast. Don’t worry, I know it’s frustrating when items from your wish list show as sold out. But I was told, on good authority, that Nordstrom is holding back stock so there will be available merchandise to find as the sale continues to open up to the various levels.

Also, I know from years past, people buy multiple things, get them home, and then return. So the stock and availability of your favorite Nordstrom items might be constantly changing. It pays to check back regularly if you can.

It’s Still About the Basics

This sale is a time to focus on the basics of your wardrobe. Not the edgiest, most fashion-forward items. Rather, the tried and true basics, The workhorse pieces that are the foundation of any versatile wardrobe. Last week I highlighted my most favorite, most worn pieces from past Nordstrom Anniversary Sales. You know, the items I need to replace every year because they’re that good and that worn.

And About the Price – Under $100 Finds from the Nordstrom Sale

Sometimes there is so much to look at it’s easier to break it down by price. When I work with 1:1 styling clients I always start with an intake form that asks about how much they’re comfortable spending on particular items. Yes, I push if needed, but I think it’s important to stay in a comfort zone regarding spending. Especially now that life and finances are so precarious for so many.

Please also know that while I was excited to share a bit of normalcy regarding this sale (and it seemed many of you were interested as well). I 100% do not believe having any of these pieces is worth being in debt for. As I mentioned, I get a big old’ dopamine rush when I get something new, I’m human. However, I actively try not to spend recklessly. My goal here is to inspire and cut thru the clutter. But never to peer pressure you into spending more than is comfortable.

Under $100 Finds

Under $50 Finds

Splurge-Worthy Finds

Let me know if you’ve been excited about the sale and also if you’ve been able to get what you wished for.

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