The Dyson Air Wrap Complete. Expensive, yes. But Worth it.

For the last month, I’ve been using the Dyson Air Wrap Complete to dry and style my own hair. While some people learned to make sourdough bread during quarantine, I learned (finally) how to do my own hair. But only because the Dyson Air Wrap practically drys and curls your hair for you. It’s like idiot-proof, which is what I need. I bought this fancy blowdry kit as a 50th bday gift for myself,  honestly thinking there was no way it was worth the hefty price tag ($549). And fully expecting to return it with the 30-day money-back guarantee. But I was SOOOOO wrong! This thing is pure magic and 100% worth every penny. 

BTW, in other worth every penny news, the top I’m wearing above is a rental  – and retails for $398. It arrived new and with tags and was part of my $88 Nuuly subscription this month, along with 5 other items. 5 out of the 6 items I picked are fabulous, and I’ll be showing them off this month on my Instagram stories as part of my #OOTD’s. But back to hair…

My Hair Saga

Everyone has got their own hair saga or mishegoss, as my grandma used to say. Those with straight hair want waves. Those with curly hair want it straight. Thick want thin, thin want thick. You get the gist, the proverbial grass is always greener. My own hair drama goes back to middle school.

Back in seventh grade I REALLY didn’t know what to do with my super thick hair. I wanted a bob like all of the other preppy, argyle sweater-wearing girls had, but mine was more of a pyramid shape than a bob. You get the picture, it was not a good look. However, when my hair was professionally done, then it looked silky and smooth and perfectly bob-ish. No matter what I tried I couldn’t replicate at home what they did in the salon. If only they had the Dyson Air Wrap back then…

So, in 1983 I’d save my babysitting money and schedule a teen cut (the less expensive cuts where apprentice stylists learned on you) for the times when there was a school dance or event, so I could have that nice smooth blowout.

Fast Forward 30 plus years

And I’m still pretty hopeless in the hairstyling department. In recent years I’ve become a Bubbie and depended on a weekly blow-dry to make my hair look presentable. When quarantine hit I needed to take matters into my own hands, literally. Some of my Instagram friends raved about the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush, so I gave it a try.

The Revlon dryer totally worked and but after multiple uses, it was too drying to my hair. The intense heat mixed with my need to then use a flat iron or curling wand was just too much. And yes, I know I could let it go curly, which I do sometimes. But when my hair is curly it doesn’t last as long and needs to be washed more often, so most of the time I prefer it smooth with some loose curls. And the solution of chemical treatments (like Keratin or Brazillian) are a no go because they leave my hair too flat.

Dyson Air Wrap – To The Rescue

I did a ton of research, trying to find a hair styling method that would give me the results I was looking for (smooth style with some bend and volume without chemicals or excessive heat). And it was a tall order but in the end, the Dyson Air Wrap seemed to have it all. You can go to the Dyson site here and read all about the Coanda effect technology that allows any hair type (fine, coarse, frizz-prone, thick, curly, thin) to curl, wave, smooth or dry with NO EXTREME HEAT!

It sounds too good to be true, and I was very skeptical because I had tried the Dyson Hair Dryer a while back but had returned it because it was not my favorite. That dryer roughed up the cuticle of my hair, and because of my lacking styling skills, I still needed to iron or curl it, so it wasn’t worth the $400 price tag.

The Air Wrap Complete set comes with 8 attachments, including a dryer. And it takes the place of ALL OF MY HAIR TOOLS.

The first video is of the finished product (the second time I used it). And the following video is the entire process. I have to say, that the more I use it the better I get. This last time I was done in 30 minutes!!

Dyson Air Wrap – How-To


Thank you, Mr. Dyson (Actually I think he’s technically Sir Dyson)

There’s a reason that Mr. Dyson is so dang rich – his products really work! And they make life easier. My kids tease me that I’m in love with my Dyson Cordless Stick Vaccum (now $100 off!) and they’re not wrong!

IMHO it’s pretty much a no brainer, you can try the Dyson Air Wrap complete and if you don’t LOVE it, it can be returned (I specifically mentioned the retailers that offer return guarantees in the comments above). But you really won’t know unless you try.

Cheers to more good hair days in the future!!

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