A Perfect White Tee, Basic, But Hard to Find.

It’s funny that something as seemingly basic as a perfect white tee could be that hard to find. But it is!! Of the thousands of women I’ve styled over the past 15 years, it’s always on their list and always elusive. It’s a holy grail of the closet kind of item.

Keep the White Tee’s White

The good and the bad of white tee’s is that they need to be replaced fairly often. The simplicity and crispness of white is why it’s such a wardrobe staple. But when your white tee becomes stained or yellow, it’s gotta go.  I recommend replacing them every few years depending on how often they’re worn. And how sloppy an eater you are (spills down the front are totally my nemesis) or how much you sweat (yellow pit stains, anyone?). My hypothesis is that the need to replace them is part of what feeds the perpetual hunt.

What Makes a Perfect White Tee?

And btw, what makes a white tee PERFECT changes and evolves over time. For example, in the early 2000’s a perfect white tee would have been long and lean. Like Ashley Tisdale below, very on-trend in the heyday of High School Musical… But that same top, in 2020 is no longer perfect. Yes, it’s a white tee, but the silhouette is outdated and that will then make the outfit it’s paired with feel outdated too. This is one of those pieces that when I do a wardrobe analysis for a new client, I get rid of ASAP. When I do an update of the What Not to Wear post I’m going to have to add this item to the list.

Key Elements to Look For In A White Tee:

  • It Should Have Drape – not too long and lean (circa 2000) and not too stiff and boxy either.
  • Depth to the Fabric – dimension but not too see-thru – who wants to wear a cami under a tee? Again, circa 2000
  • It should be long enough to tuck (or tie) but not so long there’s a bulge around the hips
  • Pants are higher waisted now so the tee can be more cropped without showing a ton of skin.
  • Necklines are personal – some people do better with v-neck, some crew, some boat. IMHO the most universally flattering neckline is a soft crewneck – one that shows your clavicle and has a more narrow finish to the neck seam.

Here are some of my favorite white tee’s available in stores.

The Virtual Style Class – Tee Shirt and Jeans Challenge

This past week on Instagram, I posted outfit photos from the virtual style class I’ve been teaching. And I got a slew of questions about the white tee I was wearing in the Tee Shirt and Jeans Challenge outfits – those are the three outfits in the photo above. It was one of my older, but most favorite tee shirts. I’m constantly on the hunt to replace it. And, it gave me the idea for this post.

But, then I realized, had only talked about the virtual styling class on Instagram, not here. So let me fill you in a bit…

Did you know, I’m teaching an On-Line Styling Class??

Jenn, a fellow veteran stylist from California, and I have each been styling people for 15+ years. And with the lock-down, both of our rather robust styling businesses had come to a screeching halt. We knew that many people were stuck at home, with extra time on their hands, and wanting to do something to help them feel more in control. So we took our combined professional knowledge and created a 10-day course, to teach you how to organize your closet and curate outfits like a professional stylist. 

Unlike our private client sessions, you’d be doing more of the leg work, but we’d be there to guide and support you through the process – so it would be a little less overwhelming. And with regularly scheduled zoom calls, there was an accountability aspect as well.

It was our first time teaching it, and WOW, was it awesome. For us and for them!  The participants had fun, edited, and shopped their closets and learned so, so much. They said they did, and we saw it – the evolution in the 10 days was incredible!

These women were able to take a part of their lives that seemed overwhelming, and gained skills and confidence to style outfits that looked GREAT on them and that they felt GREAT in! 

I’m teaching the class again, Starting May 18.

Time for a shameless plug, We are teaching the class again STARTING MAY 18. And if you’re blog reader that has always wondered what it would be like to hire a personal stylist, but have not wanted to dedicate that kind of money to private appointments – this might be the answer for you!!

The whole class is $99 – that’s 10 days, 2 stylists, and a boatload of style advice. Click here for more info and to sign up.

What a Few Participants had to Say…

Hallie and Jennifer!!!!!!
I had the best 2 weeks!!
I learned so much from organizing my closet to putting the last touches on my outfit!!!
You taught us how to shop our closets.
I put together a bunch of fun outfits that I didn’t realize I had. Now I’m ready to go out!!  I look put together and very fashionable!!! My favorite is all the different ways to wear a scarf….  even on a purse!!!
 You guys are the best!!!

( Boulder, Colorado)

Thank you, Hallie and Jenn!
Clothes, closets, and getting dressed = anxiety to me! Your expertise helped provide me with the tools to ease this burden and have some control over the process. 
I enjoyed the times I was able to attend the sessions.  A few work commitments got in the way so then at night, I watched the sessions, took notes, and did the homework! A bonus – my sister registered as well. It was nice to do something together when we are so far apart.
Thank you again, 
(Cleveland, Ohio)
This class really was so much fun! And it gave me a chance to meet new people that I might not have worked with because they’re geographically distant. To feel like I was making good use of my quarantine life, by helping others make the most of theirs. And to style my own white tee in three ways which in turn inspired this post. A total win/win!
If you want more information about the styling class PLEASE email me, I am happy to answer any questions.
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