Army Green Pants

If there is one pant you need to add to your wardrobe this season it’s an army green pant! For real! Mark my words you guys… We knew there was something going on when Elana and I both showed up to work one day in almost matching Nili Lotan pairs last summer. We’ve been styling the heck out of them ourselves and for clients ever since. And the army green love fest is not slowing down.

Notice I said an army green pant NOT a cargo pant. It could be a green cargo or a green wide leg, or a green chino style. That’s the beauty of it – it’s about the color NOT the style per se. So there really is a pant out there that can fit every age, body and price point. And, I promise you, you’ll be surprised how often you wear them. And, how put together you feel in them too.

One other note… The green color of the army green can vary and that is ok. Some are more olive (like mine in the photo above) and some are more moss (like Elana’s). It’s that kind of casual, military-esque green we are going for. NOT a forest or kelly green. Think more laid back, sun-washed than preppy, holiday cheer.

Why Adding Army Green Pants is a MUST

  • It’s a pant that’s on trend, but not trendy.
  • Because it’s the color, not the style we are after, you can find a pair that flatters your body type.
  • Think of them as a stand-in for your white jeans. They’re not as dressy as a black pant but a step up from a blue jean.
  • They will carry you from summer to fall with a change of shoes.
  • Style them with a sneaker and sweatshirt or with a heel and a blazer.
  • You’re wearing it as a pant so it doesn’t matter if it’s a “good” color for you (and I think a lot of that is bull and can easily be fixed with style tricks – but that’s for another post)

How To Wear Army Green Pants

There truly are a gazillion ways to wear these pants. I love styling mine for going out or running around or even for a business casual environment. With the change of a shoe and top, these pants can take you thru a bunch of different scenarios. I styled up a few just to show you how. And I linked all the pieces below each photo if you’d like to purchase or get product details.

Top // Pants // Jacket // Clutch // Shoes // Earrings

Sunglasses // Bag // T-shirt // Jacket // Pants // Shoes

Top // Blazer // Belt // Bag // Pants // Shoes

My Army Green Pants Picks

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