Mid-Calf Boots, REALLY??

When I say mid-calf boots are in, let me preface this by saying they are JUST hitting the scene. Meaning If you go to NY or LA you’ll see people wearing them. Brands like, Aquazzura, Isabel Marant and  The Row are making them. And stylists and Instagram girls are styling them. BUT mid-calf boots have not quite hit the mainstream yet. The operative word is YET…

This happens in all fashion but especially with footwear. Like, remember 4 years ago when I wrote about sock booties? Or 2 years ago when I wrote about white booties? When you first read those posts you might have been hesitant, thinking, does she REALLY know what she’s talking about?? But now I’m guessing both of these trends feel like do-able fashion options, RiGHT??? 

It’s challenging to adopt trends early, but the earlier they’re integrated into your wardrobe the more bang for the buck you get out if the pieces.  That being said, if a trend is adopted too early it can feel strange and like you’re being a poser – and that’s a crappy feeling. SO there is a sweet spot (which honestly is different for everyone) where it feels new and slightly edgy but not like you’re a total outlier.

How to wear Mid-Calf Boots

  • Make sure to pair them with skinny jeans or pants (tucked in) so you can see the top of the boot. No point in having this cool boot if you can’t see the cool factor.
  • Balance the wider silhouette of the boot with a top that has some volume or slouch
  • A little heel on the boot will help elongate your leg
  • Pairing them with a tight in the same color also adds visual length
  • Mid-calf boots look best with skinny jeans/leggings OR a shorter skirt/dress.

Some of my Favorite Mid-Calf Boots at ALL Price Points

So are you ready to give the mid-calf boot thing a try? All I’m going to say is remember how you felt when skinny jeans were just making their debut?? I’m not pressuring, I’m just informing… see, it’s my job to tell you when I observe styles gaining traction. And it’s also my job to let you know how to wear the styles and where to get the styles. However, it’s 100%  your job to know when you feel ready and comfortable integrating those styles into your life. Whenever that is, I’m here to support you!

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Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit: Older (2017) Iro boots from Haven (she always has great clothes and footwear)

Post updated 3/1/21


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  1. I love the mid-calf boot! Having shorter legs, this trend is easier to wear than tall boots. I actually have the Blondo pair in brown but they are so uncomfortable on my wide foot! If you want to do another boot post, would love one on how to wear cropped pants (work and jean) in the winter with booties while keeping legs warm! Also, are there rules… should pants come down over the bootie? Some of my cropped pants aren’t wide enough to hang and they get caught up on the bootie, should you always show some skin, is there a certain shaft height, can you wear with tights. I need rules:)!!! Help!

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      The quick answer to the cropped pant and boots question is a sock bootie under the pant. If the shaft is truly tight it won’t get caught. I did do a post about sock booties, but I love suggestions and agree rules are helpful!! xxx

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