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I mean, who the F knows that the holidays are going to be like this year. Thanksgiving was waaaaaay intimate over here (hello 3 people and a 15 lb turkey!). But it was still a holiday and I think there is something to be said for getting out of my grungy sweats and putting on my “dress up” sweats, or even a pair of jeans to make it feel like a day that’s more special than others. Holiday outfit inspiration is desperately needed this year to help make the holidays feel like, well, holidays.

So, whatever holiday(s) you’re celebrating – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Years’. And however many people you’re celebrating it with. I’m sharing a few outfit ideas to help make the days feel a little out of the ordinary.

It’s About the Outfit Inspiration, Not About Having to Buy New Things

I also want to keep in mind that while all of the items I’m showing and linking are available in stores, I never want people to feel pressured to buy. Hopefully, these serve as holiday outfit inspiration and you can re-create similar looks from pieces you already have in your closet. I mean, I do that all the time when I’m feeling uninspired. In fact, I keep a folder on my phone of screenshots from outfits that appeal to me. And I encourage my clients (especially new clients) to do the same.

Honestly, above all, that is my most favorite client service (be it in person or virtual). It’s not the shopping part that puts deposits in my emotional bank account. It’s the creativity of bringing new outfits to life that fulfills me. And when it’s from pieces already existing in someone’s closet and I can show them new ways to wear what they already have, that’s the cherry on top!

Pro Tip: Discovering Your Personal Style

Keep a collection of style photos that appeal to you. Like viscerally appeal to you – meaning not overthinking if you can walk in that heel or if your boobs will fit in that dress – but just a collection of looks you like. Looking through those pictures and seeing what has caught your eye, can help you decipher your style. You’d be surprised, when you just react to what you see, without all the noise in your head, a clarity and pattern emerge.  And if you’re having a hard time seeing the common thread, make a 1 hour virtual appointment with me! We can go through the looks together and come up with your unique style statement. It’s a really cool exercise that then helps guide you both when you’re getting dressed and making purchases in the future.

7 Holiday at Home Outfits

1. Wear all Black but make it Festive

As outfit inspirations go, this might be my favorite because it’s beyond comfortable. The pants are pull-on so no waist binding. And the sweater, even though chunky, is a super soft and hefty cotton – so honestly, it felt like loungewear but looked fancy. I added my most walkable heel by Inez. They have hidden arch support, which is hard to find with a strappy sandal. So these are dance all night heels. And I love how the pop of green is a little unexpected and makes the outfit feel holiday-ish.

Pro tip: When wearing all-black look for pieces that have different textures to add richness and depth. The velvet pants and the chunky cotton (with a hint of sequins) pair nicely.

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2. A Little Red Jacket 

I love how this jacket is red and cheery but streamlined so I feel festive but not in a Santa Claus kind of way, lol! I sized up to a 10 in the blazer so it had a borrowed from the boys fit. A holiday spirit graphic tee would look cute under this too.

Pro Tip: Sometimes it’s hard to know what shoes to wear with leather or coated pants. These boots work because they’re a croc-embossed. So, it complements the leather instead of trying to match it.

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3. Just a Touch of Green

I like the idea of wearing a green silk blouse to pay homage to the holiday. It’s a more subtle approach than a Christmas sweater. And it’s a piece you can wear again. This color happens to look fabulous on camera, so it will make a perfect zoom shirt in the future as well.

Pro Tip: The exaggerated shoulder on this jacket (that I snagged for $55!) plays really nicely with the newer silhouettes – a higher waist, straight leg jeans, and a longer blazer. The puffed shoulder brings the eye up and helps define the waist as the center point of the outfit.

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4. Get Dressed Up

Everything about this dress gives me holiday outfit inspiration! It feels kind of sexy even though it’s pretty covered. The tinge of metallic helps it feel special, yet still wearable other times. AND THE WAIST IS ELASTIC! Hallelujah! I paired it with a second-hand belt I found at Designer Dress Days a few years ago.

Pro Tip: The croc-embossed boots, from the red blazer outfit above, look great with this dress too. When purchasing a new item, make sure you can wear it multiple ways and with multiple pieces in your closet. That way you know it’s a worthwhile buy.

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5. Cozy in Cashmere

A few weeks ago I posted about cashmere sets – this one, surprisingly, one of the most reasonably priced sets, came out as the winner for me! Both the top and bottom were soft and not itchy. And the styling is top-notch. I paired it with a wrap/scarf both to add interest and keep me warm (especially if we gather with open windows for air circulation).

Pro Tip: A sweat set can be paired with a heel to elevate the look. It’s the juxtaposition of the feminine heel and the slouchy sweats that make this work.

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6. All White For New Years

It’s a tradition to wear all white on New Years’ in Brazil. Maybe wearing all white while I’m sitting at home will make me feel like I’m on vacation! Either way, all-white feels very chic. And when it’s cashmere and cords, it is chic and cozy at the same time.

Pro Tip: Wear nude undergarments when you’re wearing lighter colors. Even thicker fabrics such as cashmere or corduroy. Seeing the outline of hot pink panties is a definite faux pas.

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7. How I’ll Probably Dress, For Real

The truth is, we probably won’t go out, or have people over. And even if we do, it’s unlikely I’ll get that dressed up. So cashmere, with a hint of shimmer, jeans, and stylish slippers is how I’m gonna roll this year.

Pro Tip: If you invest in anything this year, make it a good pair of slippers. They’re the footwear of choice these days.

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