White jeans before memorial day.

I think that it is officially time to pack the heavy sweaters away until October. And at the moment, I’m not sad about it. However, it isn’t quite summer yet. And now the heavy sweaters are all packed up. So we get stuck in this weirdo time period of what to put on TODAY.  Like it’s a Tuesday and it’s 60 degrees outside.  It’s not 80 degrees yet, so I’m not ready for dresses and sandals, and it’s no longer 30 degrees so I don’t need to be all bundled and stuff. So what do I wear? How about I dare say white jeans before Memorial Day. 

Yes, I know what you are thinking. “BUT, I can’t wear my white jeans because it’s not Memorial Day yet”.  Wrong, and a total myth. When this weirdo weather hits all we want to do is feel refreshed and pull out our new pieces, but it just isn’t totally time yet. So, one way to reinvent the old before mixing in the new is to pull out your white jeans. Ya know those things that have been collecting cobwebs since Labor Day. (Oh, and these same rules apply for Labor Day, too.)

As long as there’s no snow on the ground or oodles of rain puddles, you can wear your white jeans, and wear them proudly. But there are rules to doing this so you don’t look too summery, or too wintry. There’s a real fine line to this transitional weather stage and making your white jeans work.

The 3 rules for wearing white jeans before Memorial Day.

  1. Wear earth tone colors on top in a lightweight wool or lightweight cashmere blends. Yes, neon and citrus colors are in for this spring and summer, (if you want to wear them now, wear them with your blue jeans but save them with your whites for summer). Heavy wool and cashmere is too heavy and doesn’t give the white bottom the transitional look you’re going for.
  2. Opt for a neutral color bootie or closed toe shoe. An open toe sandal screams summer, and an UGG boot is just too wintry.
  3. Try layering them up. A striped long sleeve T-shirt and a neutral color or camel color topper and pair of booties totally can work to transition your white bottoms. You can even wear a white blouse as I did in the top photo, just make sure there’s some texture, stripe or graphic on the top to help calm down the white.

Our Favorite White Jeans

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Our Favorite Neutral Booties

And when the weather FINALLY warms up you can pair your white jeans with a floss heel and a tie-neck blouse to be summertime chic.



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Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit details: Jeans // Jacket // Top

Post Updated 5/25/21


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