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A Post-Quarantine Wardrobe??

Lockdown, ughhhhh! It’s been 2+ months. And, if you’re like me,  you’ve been wearing a variation of pajamas and sweats on constant rotation. Even if working from home, a comfier version of regular clothes seemed to be the norm. Now, some states are starting to loosen restrictions and open up, but what does that mean? In other words, what does post quarantine life look like? And what’s needed in a post-quarantine wardrobe?

I can’t really answer what post-quarantine life will look like, I’m still trying to figure out what that means myself. However, I can offer advice about what’s needed wardrobe wise. Since I’ve been helping clients (virtually) prepare for re-entry, I’ve noticed a few themes emerge…

  • Comfort, now more than ever. But to feel more put together than quarantine house clothes.
  • Washability – with germs, germs everywhere, once home, it all needs to be washed. Think lice (ugh, itch) but times like a zillion and harmful.
  • Color, color, and more color. Maybe it’s all the seeing ourselves washed out on zoom and facetime. Or that we need something cheery. But even my color shy clients are asking for reds and pinks and blues!

And the aftermath of being at home for months…

The Issue: Weight Gain

There was a meme going around that at the end of quarantine, folks would emerge either as a hunk, chunk, or drunk. Most of the people I’m talking to feel they fall into the chunk and/or drunk category. Let’s just say the Covid – 19 (pounds) are a real thing!

Post-Quarantine Wardrobe Solution: A Mumu

Mumu’s are kind of shapeless dresses, meaning no waist definition and therefore perfect for weight fluctuation. They were gaining popularity last summer and even more so in early spring before the sh*t hit the fan with corona. So, they’re totally in style and perfect for a post-quarantine wardrobe.  As long as the dress fits in the shoulders, which generally doesn’t change much with a moderate weight variation, they’ll fit whether you gain or lose.

Throwing one on will help ease the transition of dressing again. And they’re totally not a waste of money because even when you lose the Quarantine 19, the dress will still fit the same and still be fashionable. Plus, as the weather warms up, dresses are always breezier than sweats. 

My Favorite Mumu’s or is it Muumuu’s?

The Issue: Pantaloonyphobia (the fear of wearing pants)

True story, my client told me she had a new phobia, pantaloonyphobia after this lockdown! I think many of us feel the same. For me, it’s less about pants themselves, and more about the waistbands. I don’t think I can wear stiff high waist denim after being so comfortable (maybe too comfortable) these past few months. 

Post-Quarantine Wardrobe Solution: Jogger Pants

When I say jogger pants, I do not mean cozy quarantine sweat sets. Those are great for in the house but for societal re-entry, we’re gonna step it up a notch. But just a notch. Joggers are the answer. They have an elastic waistband (hello comfort) but feel more polished than sweaty, sweats. When paired with a third piece, like a blazer, jean jacket, or cardigan, it creates a finished but comfortable outfit.

My Favorite Joggers

The Issue: Feet that have been happily Wearing Slippers

Under normal circumstances, I’m a believer in “the shoes make the outfit” philosophy. But for zoom calls and quarantine days, slippers do an A+ job. My tootsies, while in desperate need of a pedicure, are quite happy wearing ugg slippers, sneakers and Birkenstocks all day, every day. And my back is not mad about it either… 

Post-Quarantine Wardrobe Solution: Sporty Sandals and Fashion Sneakers

Like the mumu, both of these styles were gaining fashion traction pre-COVID, so, as a result, they’ll pick up speed when the lockdown ends. It’s a practical meets fashionable moment in time. Sporty sandals with a Teva kind of flare or a tread bottom look perfect with dresses, jeans, and even some suits (in a fashion-forward way).

With sneakers now part of mainstream dressing, it gives them a chance to get their cool on. They’ve become accepted, so now the really fun colors and prints abound.

My Favorite Sporty Sandals and Sneakers

So there ya have it. The 3 pieces that will comprise my post-quarantine wardrobe…

  1. Mumu’s or muumuu’s
  2. Joggers
  3. Sport Sandals

What kinds of things do you see yourself wearing post-quarantine? Let me know in the comments below…

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