Spring Trends to Look For

This might be a grab a cup of coffee and stay for a while kind of post. I’m talking all about spring trends and there is a lot to share. I contemplated breaking this up into a few posts but I figured it’s easier to have it all in one place. So, that being said, thanks for taking the time to take a look – I poured my heart into it this week you guys!

Last week’s post briefly mentioned the top 8 trends to look for this spring. And whether you’re an avid reader of fashion magazines/blogs or just read the bare minimum (like this blog) to get what you need to know and move on to the things that really interest you…You might be wondering how I compile the trend lists I share with my private wardrobe styling clients and publish on this blog.

And that’s a totally fair question. While fashion and style are more of an art than a science, I’m kind of a fashion nerd. And I like to look for tendencies and patterns to help me forecast what will be “in” for the next fashion cycle. I read a lot, look at the runway shows, see what designers, brands, and retailers are putting out and buying heavily into (for example, animal prints this past year). And then I cross-reference and look for similarities, overlap and overall trends.

It’s About How to Wear The Spring Trends

Then I like to take it a step further and think about how to take these often, over the top, artistic, runway creations and wear them in real life. And I don’t mean by wearing feathers to the grocery store either! I mean by drilling down on the spring trends and finding ways that they can fit back into the existing pieces in your wardrobe. To make the old stuff feel new. And to make the new stuff feel wearable.

The 8 Most Wearable Spring Trends for 2020

I had one reader write in last week “Hurray! I am Mrs. Suit – I don’t need to buy anything this season!” She’s 100% correct, suits have never gone out of style but right now they’re very chic. And not just for business meetings. I love a suit because it is super easy to wear – kind of like a dress, it’s put it on and go.

The suits of 2020 have a few distinctions that make them current…

  • They’re more fluid and feminine than a typical pinstripe suit.
  • You’ll find them in bright, bold colors and patterns.
  • Pants or even shorts as opposed to skirts are what’s trending.

Suits and Sets


Again, polka dots are not new. But this season adding something polka dot to your wardrobe can make it feel new. If you’re going to mix dots, the easy tip is to make sure they’re of different scales – otherwise, it can look like a polka dot monster threw up on you!

Polka dots


Puffed, exaggerated shoulders on everything from shirts to dresses to jackets scream spring 2020. Ideally, if the shoulder is enlarged/exaggerated, you want the waist to be more defined. It creates a visual balance.

Puff Shoulders


The easiest way to update for spring, or any season for that matter, is to add color. This season there are two color families trending. Sherbert colors like tangerine, mint green and lilac are everywhere. And mixing them adds even more interest. The rule of thumb for mixing these sherberty colors is if the colors are of the same opacity (think denseness of color) they can work together.

Sherbert Colors



As I said above, color is the easy way to spice things up this season. If you’re not into the sweetness of the sherbert colors, try adding neon for an update. A total 90’s throwback but in a new way. I love wearing one of the highlighter colors head to toe but if that feels like too much, try grounding it with denim.



Shoes are getting squarer. It does not mean pointy toes are out, AT ALL. It does mean if you’re ready, catch this trend on the upswing and get some this season. AND, if you have bunions, you’re feet will be so happy! Wear these shoes with wide pants and flowy dresses.

Square Toe Shoes


I am always asked if it is ok to wear leather in the summer. The answer is YES!! Not shearling-lined leather but buttery leather, 100% yes. And leather in colors other than black 1000%. Style summer leather with light or bright colored pieces to make it feel more seasonally appropriate.

Leather in Colors


This is the most summertime drinking and eating friendly style around. And the billowy tiers provide great air conditioning too. If you’re early pregnant this is a great style to camouflage the bump until you’re ready to share the news. Make sure some skin is showing – ankles, arms, neck – to balance all of the fabric.



Ok, I am exhausted and need to go to bed NOW. Let me know if you liked that this was so comprehensive or if it was too long…

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  1. This post was NOT too long. It was comprehensive and awesome. Thanks for all of your time and energy and fashion nerd prowess. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the post and appreciate your efforts. Not too long at all!! Thanks!!

  3. GREAT spring post….I’m sure it was time consuming…but well worth it for us…“your readers”
    I actually ordered a little dress and now looking for matching “little suits “…happy I held on to square toes .
    Long ago when color analysis was hot I was supposed to dress in sherbet colors (which then were not in)… so perhaps this is an omen… I’ll give it a try!

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