Why A Utility Jacket?

A utility jacket is an uber useful piece in a well-edited wardrobe. Why? Because a utility jacket is like the understudy to the jean jacket. Just like a denim jacket, it isn’t too dressy and it isn’t too casual. It has the power to take “dressy” things down a notch AND to make “casual” things feel more elevated.

Sometimes, when Elana’s not available, I’ll bring the super creative and stylish Nancy (aka Fancy Nancy) to assist with clients. She jokes that her solution to making all outfits work is to “just throw a jean jacket on” and you instantly feel cool. Nancy is totally right – it’s like it has magical powers! And the utility jacket works in the same way, maybe a smidge less versatile than denim, but still really, really good.

Your New Wardrobe BFF

Let’s say you already have a jean jacket (or two) and you wear the heck out of ’em – as you should because of all the reasons I stated above. You’ve got a dark wash and a light wash both covered, maybe even a cropped version and they fit perfectly with all of your outfits. But you’re getting a little tired and want to change things up a bit. THEN THE UTILITY JACKET WILL BE YOUR NEW BFF!

How to wear a Utility Jacket

Literally, you just need to swap out your jean jacket for a utility jacket and you’re all set. It’s that easy!

Shorts and a t-shirt? YES. Over a sundress? YES. Over athleisure? YES. Over a whole black outfit? YES. With jeans? YES!

And the best part is when you’re wearing actual jeans, you don’t have the question about should I double jean or not?? When you wear a utility jacket it’s a non-issue – woot-woot!

Important Styling Note

Do NOT  Wear a Utility Jacket this way…

As versatile as this jacket is, there is one way to NEVER wear it… with army green pants. If you do that you’ll look like you’re going to enlist, and that’s more costume than outfit.

It’s also called an Army Jacket or Military Jacket

At the end of the day, it’s the same thing: utility, army, military – it’s a casual jacket that goes with everything!

Check out some of my favorites below.

Another great thing about a utility jacket is that it often hits longer than a jean jacket. So, if you’re a gal that likes to have her bum covered this jacket may be your answer!!



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Photo: Molly Nook

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