A Woven Bag  – Your Most Versatile Accessory This Summer

Back in the spring, I ordered an adorable little woven bag from Shopbop and I took it to one of our blog and IG photoshoots. I was surprised, but not really, how that woven bag went with almost every outfit we had planned for the day!  It was neutral and fresh and it felt like it lightened up each outfit we put it with.

Fast forward to today, and I am still wearing it, like daily, along with one other woven bag I received from Causebox. Basically, it’s just the two of them on repeat. That’s my summer bag uniform.

When I add a woven bag to my tried and true outfits from last summer, like my army green pants and white top or my goto day dress the bag makes my old stuff feel new!! Now that’s what a great accessory is meant to do!!

Why a Woven Bag is so Great:

  1. While the woven bag is very on-trend this season, it’s not trendy
  2. It can be made of straw, wicker, plastic or even leather – the outfit effect is the same
  3. A woven bag goes with LITERALLY everything – bathing suit to jeans to work
  4. No matter your style type (romantic, edgy, classic, trendy) there’s a woven bag to fit your taste
  5. One bag – morning to night. From the pool to a party and still feel put together
  6. They’re lightweight (goodbye achy back)
  7. The price point is pretty reasonable for a good quality bag

A Woven Bag for the Win (ALL UNDER $500)

And, if you’re STILL not into the whole woven bag thing, try these…

So are you team woven bag or non-woven? And seriously if you get that $86 one PLEASE let me know!!

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Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit details : Bag // Skirt // Top // Sandals // Hat


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