Thanksgiving Dinner 2018

We’ve done posts on this before, but still every year the what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner question is a hot one. Probably because it’s one of those enigma events. You want to be dressed up, kind of. And you want to be cozy. And you for sure want to be comfortable because it will be an eating fest. But you still want to look put together, like you tried, but not like you tried too hard. See all those contradictions? That’s why it can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are a few elements that make an outfit a winner, winner, turkey dinner kind of outfit.

  • Soft  yet substantial fabrics (it is November after all, think velvet and cashmere, not linen)
  • Forgiving waistbands (ummmm stuffing, enough said)
  • Fun accessories or details (it’s a celebration after all)

What NOT to Wear:

  • Bell sleeves (this is an eating holiday and you don’t want your sleeves stuck in gravy)
  • Bandage/Bodycon dresses (again – it’s a marathon of stuffing your face, give your abs a rest)
  • Your everyday pj’s or sweats – it’s a holiday and one of thankfulness. What you eat is not your everyday food and what you wear should be elevated a bit too – that’s what makes it special.

We’ve created outfits for a few various Thanksgiving scenarios… depending on how you and your family/friends celebrate.

The Cozy Thanksgiving

A sweater dress is a perfect compromise between soft cozy and polished cool. I love how these boots have a 70’s YSL vibe and you can wear wool socks with them to stay warm but still look slightly fancy at the table.

The Cozy Thanksgiving Outfit The Wardrobe Consultant

Dress – super soft and runs TTS, comes in mauve too and is a good work dress – selling fast – here’s another great sweater dress in case it sells out// Boots (also come in black) // Belt // Necklace// Necklace // Bag

The Chic Thanksgiving

If you have one of those families where your sister in laws are always dressed to the nines, this is a great outfit for you. Easy, kind of one and done AND you can wear it again with strappy sandals for New Year’s Eve. And then wear the jacket with jeans and a t-shirt for a GNO.

The Chic Thanksgiving Outfit The Wardrobe Consultant

Jumpsuit (make sure to hem 1/4 inch from the ground – you just want to see the tip of the boot) // Jacket  we’d recommend hemming sleeve above the wrist // Boots  look much more expensive than they are // Watch // Bag // Necklace (the tail of the necklace should hang inside the v-neck so not to compete with the belt)

The Fancy Jeans Thanksgiving

Even for the most jeans loving gal (like Hallie) it’s nice to dress your jeans up every once and a while. Either of these tops adds just a bit of glam to your tried and true jeans. We paired them with black jeans instead of blue (which you could totally substitute) to take it up even another notch.

The Fancy Jeans Thanksgiving Outfit The Wardrobe Consultant

Blouse // earrings // belt // jeans // booties // sweater (under $13!) // bag

The Almost PJ’s Thanksgiving

This outfit will feel like you’re wearing your jammies but you’ll look effortlessly sophisticated and cozy and comfy. We showed two shoe options – same idea, a fancy fur slipper. But one pair is $940 and one $129. BTW, this would make a good travel outfit as well, just sayin’ winter break is right around the corner.

The Almost PJ's Thanksgiving Outfit The Wardrobe Consultant

Cashmere joggers  run TTS // necklace //cashmere top (Hallie wears S) make sure to half-tuck into sweats// slides // slides // vest // bag

Be sure to enter the giveaway we are having on Instagram – it’s open until Wednesday 11/21/18 – you can win one of the Inhabit sweaters we featured in last weeks post.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving you guys! We are so super thankful to all of you for taking the time to read and comment each week. As we told you last year, we are not Black Friday shoppers. It’s probably the one day a year we’re not scouting what’s available. But, if you are – good luck in all of your shopping! And, let us know what deals you found in the comments…




Photo: Molly Nook

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